About the Film

We created this blog so we could document and share the progress & process of the documentary film we are making about Bolivia’s landless peasant movement, Movimiento sin Tierra.  There are three of us from the U.S. who are working on the film project — Niki, Kara, and Emily — and we will be collaborating with MST organizers, MST members, and Bolivian university students as we put this film together.  Filming began on August 6 and will continue through August 22. 

The filming will take us all over the country. We will start in Santa Cruz, where we will film for about 2 days before heading to some rural MST communities nearby. After about 8 days in the lowlands, we will fly to La Paz and El Alto in the Andes mountains. La Paz is one of Bolivia’s capitol cities (Sucre is the other one). There, we are hoping to meet with some of the national level government officials — in particular, the Minister of Land — who are allied with MST. In El Alto, we plan to film with the neighborhood associations that support MST activities. From there, we will take a 10 hour bus ride to Potosi on the altiplano, which is the heart of the miners’ union. Over the past twenty years, Potosi has experienced major population loss in the wake of economic reforms and changes in ownership of the mines. One of the MST organizers featured in the film is originally from Potosi, but migrated to Santa Cruz to find work. We will meet his family and learn about his migration experiences. Then back to La Paz, back to Santa Cruz, and back to the U.S. This is an ambitious itinerary, but we’re flexible and open to changes. And, of course, we’re overly optimistic and hoping for the best.

We aren’t sure when the film will be finished, as the editing process could take up to a year.  But we will be sure to track our progress on the blog so stay tuned.


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  1. Gaby on

    Hi, I’m working on agrarian reform in Santa Cruz and will be visiting in November. I would love to meet you guys if you are still in town.

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