Some of our filming challenges

Just a quick note about the challenges of making this film.  We are on the move all of the time and, therefore, unable to carry much equipment (as it is, we are hauling 25 pounds of camera equipment with us everywhere, often on long treks and up steep hills!).  We are using a Sony PD 150, which has been a great, durable camera, for most of the filming.  As well, we are using a tiny handheld camcorder for some of our B-roll footage.  But we do not have any useful external lights, and we often find ourselves in low light situations and/or communities that have no electricity.  Nearly all of our filming must be done by 6:00 pm when the sun starts to set.  Finally, there is a great deal of dirt and sand, and oftentimes it is a challenge just to keep the cameras and lenses clean.

There have been many instances when we wanted to film/photograph landscapes and critical scenes for cutaway shots along our journeys, but the rides are often too bumpy and dusty — it is hard to hold the camera steady when you´re being thrown around the back of a camioneta 🙂  We film and photograph whenever the buses & trucks stop, but we only have a minute or two before everyone starts shouting ¨¡VAMOS!¨ at us!

We are now in the process of interviewing national level government officials.  We are running around La Paz, from government building to government building, only to find that our appointments are delayed, cancelled, or rescheduled.  When we are able to interview someone, we are often filming in cramped, dark, cold offices, and we have five minutes to set up and break down.  It´s exciting to say the least… we´ve gotten it down to a science — at times we must seem like some crazy comedy show!  So we are going with the flow, doing the best we can under less than ideal filming conditions (to put it mildly).  And we´re having tons of fun in the process.

With all of that being said, we have managed to capture some amazing footage.  The interviews in Pueblos Unidos were incredible — the people´s stories will shine through any technical imperfections on our end.  Hopefully, it will all come together in the end 🙂

Can´t wait to share the finished product with you all when it´s done!


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